2016-07-29 23:30:19

11.11 不再孤单


ctivity: Never Be Alone

Purpose: To publicize DCIU

Process: The activity was rounded off with cheers and laughter. It publicized our Dream Corps really well and our members organized the activity well, which displayed an excellent teamwork. The activity started from Haonan Ding and Peibo Zhang who have been qualified for the final round of The Strongest Voice in IU. Then, Tengyin Yuan shared the SVP Project in last summer, which publicized our Dream Corps and dedicated our love to the children in the mountainous area as well. After that, we played a game called Marshmallow Challenge, which was a really interesting game to build a “tower” with spaghetti and put the marshmallow to the top to see whose “tower” is the highest. Eventually, the highlight Who’s Still Standing was going to start!! After dozens of bouts of contentions, one of the groups won the prize.

Harvest and improvement: The activity strengthened the cohesion between group members, and raised the confidence and a sense of accomplishment as well. However, it is a pity that we did not get money for charity. Next time, we could use Quickpay or credit card for donation.


过程:这是一次很成功的活动,很好的宣传了梦想行动并且组织了丰富多彩的活动,表现了团内成员的凝聚力和相当默契的配合。不再孤单活动由两位IU最强音—丁浩南和张培博开场,接着袁腾寅同学分享了他去年暑假svp项目,很好的宣传了我们组织的宗旨,也接纳更多同学对中国山区小朋友的关爱,关心他们的成长,让他们在成长的路道路上读到有用的书学到有用的知识。后来我们开展了一个热身小游戏—marshmallow challenge. 用意大利面搭成一个塔状,然后把棉花糖查到意大利面塔顶端,搭的最高的一队取得胜利。紧接着我们就开始重头戏--一站到底。经过两轮的抢答,两个优胜小队进行了最后的角逐,在几十轮激烈的答题后,最终一方获得了胜利并且得到了奖品。



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