Dream Corps was founded in North Carolina by Chinese scholars and students in 2004. In

September 2010,we welcomed our first full time staff, raising our standards for program

operations and internal management.


We aim to improve the environment for learning and development of children in rural

China. We hope to encourage them to realize their full potential, unfettered by the lack

of resources and the economic conditions that they are born into. We also hope to

involve privileged youth in projects that cultivate their sense of social responsibility

"We neither aim at grand goals, nor do we raise enormous amounts of funding, but we build our work upon realistic, solid foundations and commit ourselves to our mission with an earnest heart. All of us, the kids, the volunteers, and Dream Corps staff like myself, have benefited and grown from our experiences. This, perhaps, is the purpose for Dream Corps' existence."

———— Dajun Hou, Former Head of Board at Dream Corps


Dream Corps was founded in North Carolina by Chinese scholars and students in 2004. In September 2010,we welcomed our first full time staff, raising our standards for program operations and internal management.


Dreams Corps International conducted its first Summer Volunteer Program (svp) in the Lingfang Township Central Elementary School, Chaling County, Hunan Province.


Huaiyuan Chen became the President


Yixin Chen became the President


Ruoxia Li became the President


Xiaoruo Gai became the President


Yingchao Huang became the President


Dream Corps currently consists of two parts: the board of directors and the hub team. The board of directors is in charge of strategic planning and budget approval while the hub team is responsible for execution, including volunteer recruitment, project implementation, fundraising, marketing, and more.

In addition to these two essential parts, there are also two advisors and one honorary director within the organization.

Winnie Li


Winnie is major in Advertising and MIS at the University of Texas at Austin. She joined Dream Corps family in 2014 as an SVP at Henan Dazeng. After SVP, she actively worked as a member of the Dream Corps at UT chapter. She joined the Hub Team in 2016. She loves kids.

Quan Du

Chapters Officer

Quan Du currently works as the Chapters Officer at Dream Corps International. Quan majored in business and economics in the University of Michigan during undergraduate years. He is now a graduate school student in Columbia University, studying financial mathematics. He joined Dream Corps family in 2014 as a member of the Michigan University Chapter and became its president from 2016 to 17. Quan joined the Hub Team in 2018.

Xiaoqian Niu

Chief Technology Officer

Xiaoqian(Sophie) Niu graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying Information Science and Mathematics. She is now pursuing Master of Science in Information degree in University of Michigan. She became a Dream Corps summer volunteer in 2015 at Henan Province. In the coming year, Sophie was one online mentor for the summer volunteers. She joined IT Team in April, 2018 and visited program sites in June. Staring from end of July, Sophie is leading IT team as Chief Technology Officer.

Yixiong Yin

Director Public Relations

Yixiong Yin is currently a senior at Indiana University major in B.S. Informatics. Yixiong attended the Summer Volunteer Program in May 2017, and was the co-president of Dream Corps Indiana University Chapter from 2017 to 2018.

Xiaoyi Cui

Director Alumni Relations

Xiaoyi graduated at Clark University, majored in Psychology. She heard about Dream Corps from a Dream Corps Alumnus in 2012; volunteered in Dream Corps Summer Volunteer Program Beijing Training in the same year. Joined Dream Corps as Director of Alumni Relations in 2014.

Yanqi Chen

Donor relation officer

Yanqi graduated from Indiana University with a master degree in accounting. Yanqi joined Dream Corps Indiana University chapter in 2011 when she was a freshman. She worked in Internal Management Team at Dream Corps Indiana Chapter. She works as donor relation officer in Dream Corps International since 2014.

Anita Chen


Anita Chen graduated from New York University majored in Finance. She joined Dream Corps in 2010 as a volunteer and in 2015 as New York Professional Chapter President and 2018 as North America treasurer. She is a long time marathon runner, loves philanthropy and children’s education.

Jocelyn Guo


Jocelyn graduated from Zhejiang University and Pepperdine University, majored in Global Business. She joined Dream Corps in 2012 as a vol-unteer, and in 2015 as North America treasurer. She loves arts, music and philanthropy. Jocelyn is currently working for Harmonia Holdings.

Yuan Zhang

China Representative

Graduated from Duke University with a Master in Management. Yuan heard about Dream Corps from one of her close friends who studied education and decided to join Indiana University Chapter to help with their publicity as well as establishment. After she returned to China in 2011, she assisted Dream Corps with organizing reading activities at their Beijing site every week. In 2012 she started working for the Publici-ty and Outreach team with the goal of connecting DC with local nonprof-its and companies to share the joy of reading. In 2013, Yuan expanded her work and joined the Fundraising team.


Lili Lai

Board Member, Founder

Lili Lai is Associate Professor at the Institute of Medical Humanities of Peking University, China. She received her PhD in Anthropology from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2009, and did her post-doc research at Peking University from 2009 to 2011. Her recent book, Hygiene, Sociality, and Culture in Contemporary Rural China, was based on her fieldwork where later becomes one of Dream Corps' sites, published by Amsterdam University Press. Her research interests focus on body, everyday life, and medicine.

Lan Zhang

Board Member

2010 Summer Volunteer. Graduated from Tsinghua University and later obtained an MBA from Bush Business School at the University of Chicago. She currently works for a private equity firm. She joined Dream Corps in 2010 and served as the leader of Sichuan Nanguang team.

Kristal Hou

Board Member

Ms. Hou is a venture capitalist and management consultant. She has extensive experiences in financial services, human resources, public service, and information system management. Currently is Managing Director of Shanghai Alliance Financial Services Ltd. She believes that good books can enlighten hope and dream for children in rural China. With such belief, she donated a Dream Corps library in Gansu province and started serving as honorary board member since 2014. Ms. Hou holds MBA degree from Zicklin Business School of Baruch College CUNY, and Bachelor degree in Economics from Xiamen University.

Kai Haung

Board Member

Kai Huang graduated from Communication University of China , and is now working at Jiangsu TV. Kai started to know DreamCorps at 2015 and then had full participation in 2016 Summer Volunteer Program. In June 2016, Kai started to serve as the Director of Public Relations at DreamCorps International and became a board member in November of the same year.

Danxia Xie

Board Member

Graduated from the University of Chicago with a PhD in Economics, an MPP from Harvard Kennedy School, and a Master of Computer Science from Duke University. He is now teaching Economics at Tsinghua University, with his research focus on Macro, Development, and ICT Economics. He had worked at Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington DC. At Duke University, he co-founded the NGO “Dream Corps”, and in the summer of 2004 initiated a project which utilizes ICT for the development of poor villages. This innovative practice was the “Harvard China Information Rainbow Project”, and is now being generalized to be the “The China Model of Information Village”.



Jun Luo

Mr. Luo is one of the co-founders of Dream Corps, graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a joint PH.D. in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. He has extensive experience in research and teaching in the fields of cognitive development and foundations of cognitive and information sciences. He currently works as a software engineer and has been working for Dream Corps as a volunteer since its beginning.

Xin Hu

Ms. Hu is one of the co-founders of Dream Corps. She now is a coach for inner wisdom and self-fulfillment, as well as a mindfulness teacher and writer (www.gongyirensheng.org). From 2009 to 2014, she worked as Director for China Program at The Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organization at Harvard University, and helped launch Harvard SEED program, dedicating to selecting and training Chinese social entrepreneurs. Before this, she worked at Ashoka headquarter for three years. In 2006, Ms. Hu published an article "What is Social Entrepreneurship", and it is widely considered as the first article on social entrepreneurship in China.




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China Changjiang River Charity Foundation is one of Dream Corps' most valuable collaborating partners. Dream Corps is registered under China Changjing River Charity Foundation in China and fundraises as well as operates under its supervision. Besides, there are other four partners:

China Changjiang River Charity Foundation

China Changjiang River Charity Foundation is one of Dream Corps' most valuable collaborating partners. Dream Corps is registered under China Changjing River Charity Foundation in China and fundraises as well as operates under its supervision.


Brighten Youth Up Institute

Assisted with volunteer and rural teacher training .

Brighten Youth Up


Sustained funding for books and libraries for our sites.


CDH Investments

Sustained funding for books and libraries for our sites.



Funded book purchase and teacher and volunteer training to help us grow the impact of our programs.



Supplied library management system, which made book circulation easier for teachers and students.



Catalyzed our regional development in Sichuan through connecting us with local resources and communities.


Xiaoye taobao

Sustained funding for books and libraries for our sites.




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2010 Annual Report




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2007 Annual

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2005 Annual Report




2004 Report

The Pilot Phase





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